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ALPHA PAINTING in Atlanta is committed to doing every job right!

Express Home Service is our company name, but it has morphed to Alpha Painting over the years. Maybe it’s more catchy or easier to remember, but we go by both names.

At ALPHA PAINTING our primary objective is to take care of our customers. ALPHA PAINTING, is dedicated to serving its customers in a reliable, timely manner and to provide services at a reasonable price. ALPHA PAINTING, develops long-term relationships that promote mutual growth and prosperity. We are confident of our future and proud of the way the business is run.

At ALPHA PAINTING we are the best at what we do. We specialize in quality interior and exterior painting in Atlanta. A lot of our customers in Atlanta City know us as Atlanta City Painters or Painters Atlanta. We got these titles from the title of our phone number ALPHA-PAINTING, an exclusive number to Atlanta City. Boy, did we get lucky with that one! What we do is in our name Atlanta Painting or Painting in Atlnat. Either way our customers know us as ALPH-PAINTING.

Our current customers recommend us for our quality painting and we appreciate that. When Amanda, who is one of our clients in Atlanta, was recommending us to a friend, she simply said, “Call ALPHA-PAINTING, it’s as easy as that!”

What’s important to note is that we are not some kind of franchise, our number ALPHA-PAINTING is not shared with or by any other painting contractors, ALPHA-PAINTING is owned and operated by Damian Judge of Express Home Service Inc., a local painting company.

We did not always have ALPHA-PAINTING, back then we operated as Damian Judge, Painting Contractors, and in 2019 we even got a new logo and look to our website.

The owner of our company, Damian Judge is a professional painter with over 30 years experience. Not only does Damian run the company, but actively paints and participates in the daily activities of physical painting and preparation.

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Atlanta City’s Premiere Interior and Exterior Painters

We have been Atlanta City interior and exterior painters since 1985. We have completed jobs from Sandy Springs, Roswell, Marietta, Smyrna and Kennesaw to East Point; North Atlanta to Redan. We have worked all areas of Atlanta and continue to provide a full painting service in Atlanta and beyond. We continue to maintain a healthy relationship with all our current customers and have the commitment and hard work to ensure that all our new customers are valued.

It could be said we are not just known as Atlanta painters, but you will see that one of our specialties is Atlanta apartment painting and house painting. We have been delivering quality PAINTING for both interior and exterior painting jobs, for over 30 years now, so if you are looking for an experienced residential painter in Atlanta, ALPHA PAINTING is the number to call.

Our exterior painting crews are just as committed and hard working as our interior painting crews. Exterior painting in Atlanta can be a challenge, with extreme humid weather in the summertime. Timing is important when it comes to exterior painting. The quality of the paint being applied is as important as the quality of painters applying it.

We also have extensive experience with commercial painting. Our Commercial customers benefit from the experience of our high end residential painting.

The type of commercial painting we can do is tailored to the client. Our Atlanta commercial painting jobs can range from painting just one Retail store, or a chain of stores, an entire office floor, stairways, hallways, office complex, and spray painting. We maintain a very important relationship with our Atlanta commercial customers. We understand their needs can change from to day, from overnight painting, to weekend painting. Our commitment and professionalism in delivering quality, commercial interior painting, and quality commercial exterior painting Services, is unparalleled.

In commercial establishments, time is important, so our Atlanta commercial painting team are fast, efficient, clean and reliable. We guarantee a no-mess, on-time painting job. Our company provides the same structure and attention to quality as our residential services, so have faith in us and call today.


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